Saturday, May 25, 2013

Well goodness, that went fast.

Isobel's one year stats. Really? That was it? My last post?

Yeah...well, life has gone by so fast. Quick update:

- Isobel turned one.
- Isaac turned five.
- We adopted Poe, a brindle boxer, in September 2011.

And then....well, the holiday of the "norovirus" hit our family. Holiday season 2011-2012. It was insane...and everyone in the family (extended!) got sick...except me. They called me Typhoid Becky. So, when mid-January I suddently felt ill, I just figured it was my turn.

Heh. Right?

Well, on September 9, 2012, as added Eleanor Grace to our brood. Ever since has gone by at a crazy clip. I don't even think I can update everything at this point. Isaac is almost done with first grade...he did wrestling and baseball....Isobel is a wild, brilliant, beautiful little girl...and Eleanor is the type of baby that makes your uterus ache, she is so sweet and wonderful.

So...there it is. No going backwards now....perhaps I can keep this up moving forward.

(I know, you will believe it when you see it, right?)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Isobel's 1 year stats!

Most of my friends are on facebook - and I find I neglect my blog, despite feeling it is a more personal way to share information. For that - I hope to get better this fall....(I keep saying that - right?)


August 26, 2011
Weight: 19lbs (25%)
Height: 29-1/4" (50%)
Head: 17" (25%)

She is walking, "talking" and loving life. She is still nursing and although she CAN drink from a sippy, I think she is specifically trying to be sketchy about it because she knows once she does - the gig is up. I am pleased that I was able to nurse her this long (at 13.5 months now!), since Isaac quit before a year - but...well, Mommy is ready to have her body back! Isobel is a determined little a different way than Isaac is. She loves doggies, waving at people and cuddling. She has definitely her own little personality.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Dear Blue....

Dear Blue,

Tomorrow we bring home your new brother. I know you won't be here to meet him, but I am pretty sure if you were, you would teach him many things.

You would teach him only to potty on the perimeter of the yard....that the softest spot in the bed in BETWEEN us (thanks, Isobel seems to have gotten the memo while still in-utero)...That the ottoman is THE designated boxer spot for tv watching. You would teach him how to patiently stay in the yard until called, how to walk next to us without a leash, how to gulp a banana down in nanoseconds. You would give him all the notes on how to recognize when we are packing for a vacation, or if Daddy is just leaving for a work trip. You would remind him that you have to stay still when babies are crawling on you, and that laying on your back will command instant belly-rubs.

You'd teach him how to recognize when your people need a little boxer love...and how to give that gentle head nudge that said everything.

We still miss you so much....but it is exactly because of you, that we are ready to have another boxer in our life. You taught us that life without boxer love...well, just somehow not complete. Even Isobel knows it, having never lived with you - she squeals with delight when she see doggies...and has been practicing her "Ruff-ruffs'.

So tomorrow, when we finally take this little guy home...we will be thinking of you. For, you will always be our first boxer luv. I only hope we can raise this little guy to be as wonderful of a companion as you were. And we will always be, Blue's Family.

Been SOOO bad at posting.

I know. I know. It's just this summer has been sooo packed with things. I am hoping a return to school will allow me to catch up again. Seriously.

I can hope, right?

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Isobel - 9 month stats!

I know I have been pretty bad about blogging lately - life has been pretty busy. We have end of the year preschool stuff...swim class, t-ball, boot camp (for me)...and I picked up a 2 month, part time contract job until the end of June. Phew. I am tired just thinking of it.

Today was Isobel's 9 month appt. Of course, she is a week shy of 10 months (holy cow!) - but here it is anyways!

18lbs (35th percentile)

27.5 inches (50th percentile)

17" head circumference (25th percentile)

We just looked back at what I blogged about Isaac: "On Friday, July 13, Isaac had his 9 month appointment (yes, a month late!) - he is now 28-1/4" long, 19lbs 0oz. " How interesting that the little guy who was over a pound smaller at birth was about a pound heaver at this point!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Dalai Lama Quote

I don't normally post things about religion/politics in on the internet - but I saw this post today on facebook and felt moved to share:

"Some people automatically associate morality and altruism with a religious vision of the world. But I believe it is a mistake to think that morality is an attribute only of religion. We can imagine two types of spirituality: one tied to religion, while the other arises spontaneously in the human heart as an expression of love for our neighbors and a desire to do them good.""

So true!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Preschool Book Club

I am listening to Isaac and his friend "KD" discuss the book "Mars Needs Moms".

"but there were BAD guys in there"
"I didn't like that music"
"but the mom gave him her mask, that was good, right?"
"that wasn't real, right? it's just a story"

It was a pretty lengthy discussion, I wish I had started paying attention sooner!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend in Flint and belated Shamrocks Post!

Only in my life does one go to a beach party in a basement (complete with sand for Isaac to play in covering the floor), listen to at least 4 different languages being spoken at once, while people dance with my baby and my son eats about a pound of strawberries. All on a March night. Yes, that's a party at my Uncle John's house. ;)

We are in Flint this weekend. Friday night, I went to see Les Miserables at Flushing High School with some old high school classmates. Some of them, which I have not seen in 17 years!!! It was fun to see the "new" auditorium and get a back stage tour. What a difference from the cafetorium that we used to put our productions on in. Although, there was something fun of a challenge that the cafetorium presented which these kids would know nothing about!! (for the record - spell check on cafetorium comes up with cafeteria and crematorium - creepy).

On Saturday, we went to my Uncle John's birthday party. Uncle John's wife is from the Ukraine, so they have a diverse community of friends here in Flint. There was fabulous food, foreign music all in a tiki-bar setting (complete with sand floor) that is his basement. We had a great time and wow, how entertaining the sand floor was for Isaac!!!

A few weekends ago we headed to our annual visit to Ann Arbor for the Shamrocks and Shenanigans! Who can resist a day full of St. Patty's fun, little irish dancers and irish music - and great friends!? Isaac had a ton of fun doing the kids run and dancing up a storm with Raquel. Visiting M&R&E&R is always a good time! Fun was had by all!